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  • Who are we
    HbW TECHNOLOGY is a French company that develops, manufactures and markets since 2009, technologies, technical care and cosmetics in the field of aesthetics, especially that of anti-aging.
    Our equipment is equipped with an exclusive technology, Mesotransduction®, which is a non-invasive alternative to mesotherapy.
    It is adapted to all care cards of institutes-beauty centers wishing to be in the movement of medi-aesthetics, to provide its customers non-invasive technical professional care, with quick and safe results.
    VIDEO towards : The POSITIVE AGEING™ Solutions

    With the favorable evolution of this market and the mastery of a high performance technology, supported by a unique scientific study, we have decided to bring together under the brand name POSI + IVE AGEING™, a set of unique solutions, to fight efficiently and durably against skin aging.
  • Our techno-aesthetic...
    Although the effects of time on our skin are irreversible, scientific and technological research has been conducted for many years to help appearance-conscious women and men fight the effects of time.
    We understood that the simple application of cosmetics was relatively effective and that professional technical care is required, to really preserve our youth. Many effective solutions have emerged.
    But whether they belong to the field of aesthetic medicine or are inspired by it, they are usually invasive and painful.
    Achieving fast, safe results without surgery is a challenge.
    Faced with the growing demand for high-performance products directly inspired by aesthetic medicine, HbW TECHNOLOGY has surrounded itself with the best French industrial partners specialized in Biotechnology, to develop innovative, effective and customizable solutions.
  • Trends Award COSMOPROF...
    Recognition of the professional world of beauty for SKIN FACE 50

  • Professional Award...
    Our MESO-T8+ has been awarded Product of the Year 2018 at the renown Beauty Fair of Utrecht in the Netherlands.
    As the gala speaker Monique Lindeboom explained during the Award Ceremony for our professional device : 
    « The Year 2018 is the year for the All in One Solutions ! It brings endless possibilities of personalization ».
  • Marketing and Tradeshows
    Meet us onto the major French and International Salons of the world of Beauty, Aesthetics and Health.

    COSMOPROF BOLOGNA - 2018 Edition